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Would you would like to get familiar with dog photography or you have been photographing for a while but you feel stuck?  Then it is possible to book a workshop with me. 

What does a workshop entail?

Is dog photography completely new to you or have you been learning for a while, but you feel stuck, then it is possible to book a workshop with me. All my workshops are private workshops. This means that you are the only participant.  This way the workshop can be completely adapted to your questions and wishes. We meet at a location, either in a city or  nature, and I will show you how to do a photo session from start to finish.

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What will you learn during a workshop?

Before the workshop you can indicate what you would like to learn. Frequently discussed topics are setting up the camera, choosing a location, working with different types of light and working with the model. During the workshop you get the chance to photograph 2 models under my guidance. 

Combined package

Also curious about the post-processing of photos? This topic will not be discussed in practice during the workshop. It is possible to book a workshop in combination with my book about post-processing (This book is written in English). After the workshop you can then start working on the post-processing yourself. You also have the possibility to send me 3-5 photos for extensive feedback



Workshop request

Would you like to follow a workshop? Please fill in the request form. You will receive a message from me within 4 working days whether or when it si possible to schedule a workshop

Thank you for your application!

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