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Extra dog: +€45 per dog

Extra digital photo: €20 per photo

Extra digital photo + print (13x18cm): €35,-

Location further than 30km from Amsterdam (1107):
€0.40 per km

USB stick with all selected photos €25

For special wishes, such as capturing a litter of puppies, you can contact me


Would you like to have 1 or more photos printed as wall art after the photo session?  

Ask for the possibilities

Before the photo session

Beautiful light and a good location are very important for a successful photo session. Together we discuss what would be a good location for the photo session. You can tell me your preference for photos in nature or a the city, after which I will look for a suitable location. After that we choose a date and time to schedule the photo session. In case of bad weather, I will contact you the day before the photo session to reschedule.


Is there anything that your dog finds exciting or scary (such as new people or other dogs), I would like to hear this in advance.

This does not have to be a problem during a session, but it is something that we can take into account in advance.

During the photo session

On the day of the photo session we meet at the location. In most cases I will explore the location in advance and plan a route. We then walk along a number of places to take photos. In between shooting, the dog will have enough time to explore and relax.


To get the dog's attention during a photo shoot, there are several things you bring. For example, his or her favorite treats or (squeaky) toy.


The  standard and the deluxe photo shoots last 1.5 hours on average, but there is no set time limit. The theme sessions are often slightly shorter than the other sessions.  

I always try to not make the photo sessions unnecessarily long, because this is usually not pleasant for the dog. If the dog needs some time to be comfortable though, we will take the time for that.

After the photo session

Within 3 weeks after the photo session you will receive a link from me to a gallery containing the successful photos that you can choose from. Some of these photos will be edited and some will still be unedited. The edited photos can be used as a guideline for how the chosen photos will eventually look.


When you're done choosing the photos, I'll get to work on the post-processing. You will receive the digital photos through an email within a few weeks. If prints have been ordered, you will be notified when they have arrived and when they will be posted.

For more information about booking a photo session, please fill in the request form.

I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities  

How I Work

Would you like to give someone else a photo session as a gift? Then give a Nanuq Dog Photography gift voucher! Gift vouchers are available for amounts starting from €50. Gift vouchers are available in both printed and digital form. For more information or specific wishes, you can send a message via the contact form. If you would like to purchase a gift voucher immediately, click 'add to cart'' below and choose the desired amount. 

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