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Is it a problem if my dog can't walk off leash?

For a photo session it is no problem at all if a dog can't be off leash. I always bring a thin show leash that we can use. This leash is easy to remove in post-processing. That way it looks like the dog is posing without a leash. If your dog has difficulty interacting with other dogs in addition to not being able to walk off-leash, please let me know in advance. We can take this into account when choosing a location. 

Is there a waiting period for scheduling a photo shoot?

Availability  varies throughout the year. If possible, it is best to contact me at least a few weeks before the desired time of the session. If it concerns a session with a young puppy or an old dog, it can in some cases be possible to schedule a session at a shorter notice. 

What happens if the weather forecast looks bat for the day of the photo session?

About 24 hours before the start of the photo session I check what the forecast. In case of bad weather or extreme heat, I will contact you to schedule a new date. For special sessions which are only available for a limited period, I always try to schedule an alternative date in advance so that it is still possible to hold the session before the end of a blooming period. 

What should I bring to a photo session?

Always make sure you bring a leash. At many of the locations I use there is a requirement to keep dogs on a leash. Furthermore, it is always useful to take things with you that you can use to get the dog's attention. For example, his or her favorite treats or toy.


Is it also possible to schedule a session with a different kind of pet other than a dog?

In some cases this is possible. If you are curious whether scheduling a session with your pet is possible, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Is it also possible to schedule a session as a breeder with a litter of puppies?

  This is certainly possible, provided it is possible to do the session on the breeder's own property. Due to the health risk for young puppies, I do not do these sessions at an outdoor location. 

Is it also possible to order wall art or other prints?

This is certainly possible. With the deluxe package you will already receive a special box with prints. If you would also like a different type or size of print, this is also possible. Ask about the possibilities for more information. 

Are gift vouchers available?

It is possible to order a gift voucher starting at an amount of €50,-. This voucher will be packed and delivered to your home. If you are looking for a last minute gift , the  voucher can also be sent digitally. 

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