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My editing workflow explained

Do you feel like something is missing when editing your images? Let me help you to find that little touch of magic. In this (e-)book I will guide you through my complete editing workflow, starting with the very basics up until the more advanced editing techniques. 

Complete with text .jpg

About a 100 pages of information about my editing workflow


All the secrets behind my editing process explained into detail 


A complete edit shown from beginning to end

Example of an image edited with my workflow


"I've just finished the book and I'm amazed with it and super happy. It's super understandable for me (I'm from Spain and my english skills aren't the best) and easy to do. I've been a dog photographer for 4 years and I've learned a lot of new things with this book, different from what I already knew.In my opinion this is a must have if you're a dog photographer or want to edit photos of your dogs with a super cool edit. I recommend it!!"

Rut Casanellas, Spain

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