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About me


I've been interested in photography from an early age. What started as a hobby has grown into more. When I got my Samoyed Nanuq in 2016, I was introduced to dog photography. Together we explored some of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. I wanted to capture these moments with her. Since then I have specialized in photographing other people's dogs as well. It's my passion to create beautiful portraits, in both urban and natural environments. Without having it planned in advance, I eventually became a professional dog photographer. 

Since the beginning of 2018 I started offering dog photo shoots under the name Nanuq Dog Photography. Since I would never have become a dog photographer without Nanuq, I thought it appropriate to use her name as a company name. In the meantime I have been able to develop my own style that is characterized by the use of a 'moody' atmosphere in combination with the use of deep colours.


In addition to Photoshoots, you can now also contact me for photography workshops and a book written by me about post-processing photos.  


  • Jury member 9th 35Awards

  • Winner Best Cat Photographer 35Awards 2023

  • Silver Camera Domestic Animal Federation of European Photographers Awards 2024

  • Silver awards (2nd prize) Refocus Awards black & white competition, category: professional, Domestic animals

  • Winning selection Life Framer Awards 2024: Animal Kingdom

  • 3rd Prize IPA (International Photography Awards) 2022: Category Pets

  • Bronze Award OneEyeland Photography Awards 2021

  • top 1% Best Pets Photographer 35Awards 2022

  • Honorable mention Paris Photo Prize 2023

  • Honorable mention IPA (International Photography Awards) 2023: Category Pets

  • Honorable mention Refocus Awards 2023 & 2024

  • Finalist DogPhotography Awards 2021 & 2022

Publications and press

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